Current series: Deuteronomy

To understand Deuteronomy, you have to see it as the swan song of Moses. It is almost entirely made of Moses’ final speeches to the “to be born” nation of Israel, before they enter Canaan. They were on the east shore of the Jordan, looking over the river into the land, but Moses would not be allowed to go and he was giving them their marching orders.

In the first speech in Chapters 1 – 4, he reminds the people how they got here, the historical setting, what God did to get them ready for the promised land. He described how God delivered on His promise to Abram. In Deuteronomy Moses give us the Cliff Notes. The full story of course is back in Exodus. We are not going to restudy Exodus. We will skim over the history speech to get to what I hope may be new meat for you to digest.

After setting the stage with the short history lesson, the second speech of Moses reminds them of the Mosaic Law, but summarized here, that God gave them on Mt. Sinai which is called Horeb in Deuteronomy.

His third speech in Chapters 27 and 28 he “splains things.” He “splains” that if they do certain things in the promised land they will be blessed and if they don’t or do some other thing they will be cursed. Pretty clear cut here. The rest of the book contains his exhortation to the new nation and his passing the mantle of authority to Joshua as the new leader into the new land.

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