7/7/02 Visiting Speaker, Paul Civerolo:

"Lord, Teach us to Pray"
Matthew 6:9-13


The Lord's twelve disciples were a rag-tag bunch: A tax collector, a rebel, a doubter -- and even though they had been with Jesus for three years, and had seen his miracles and had heard him teach, they still didn't catch on about who he really was, or about what his ministry was all about.

But they had seen him pray.   And they had seen marvelous things happen after he had prayed.  So they knew that Jesus was an expert on prayer.

Not so the Jewish leaders.   They were steeped in formalism, in outward show, in ritual, but lacked compassion or power to help people.

So when the disciples wanted to learn about prayer, they went to Jesus, and not to the Jewish leaders.  "Teach us to pray", they said.

Some General Principles about Prayer: (quotes are from the NASB)

  1. Prayer is not a ritual.

  2. Be persistent.

  3. Don't be anxious; make your requests known.
  4. Have right motives.

The Lord's Prayer as a Model:

Prayer Relationships Our Focus God's Heart
Our Father Father/Child The Relationship Intimate
Holy Name God/Worshiper Honor Praised
Kingdom come King/Subject Spiritual Purpose
Will be done Master/Servant His will/Yield Plan
Bread Provider/Recipient Needs Provision
Forgive sins Savior/Sinner Fall short Pardon
No temptations Guide/Follower Victory Power
Deliver us Protector/Protected Saved Protection
Power and glory Sovereign/Subject Exaltation Identify

The Lord's Prayer is divided into two sections:

Thought questions: