Noah's Ark

ark Standing on the ground and looking up 45 feet to the roof of the ark, we capture this view of the completed construction. Notice how the rough-hewn timbers are fitted together. All that is lacking at this point is a generous coat of tar, inside and out.

As I stand here taking this picture, I can hear people laughing and jeering behind me. And off in the distance I can hear loud, raucous music. The hostility you feel here is so thick you could cut it with a knife! Some of the dudes that live here are really wierd -- indescribably ugly, and frightfully strong. I wouldn't want to cross any of them.


Had you going there for a minute?

It's really a scale model, built by Mr. Jerry Jackson, CEO of Hosanna Ministries here in Albuquerque.

Jerry (right) is a gifted craftsman in wood, and has a well-equipped woodworking shop in his home.

He has a fascinating testimony of how he felt compelled by the Lord several years ago to build this scale model. It was an unforgettable learning experience for him.

It's two models, actually -- a finished outside view, and an interior showing the three floors that God commanded Noah to build. Notice the little animals that seem to be waiting for God's command to enter, once the construction is complete.

Jerry keeps this in his office at Hosanna. If you call in advance some time, he might show you the work first hand.

(505) 881-3321.

Photos courtesy Jerry Jackson.