The Trinity, Part 4: Attributes of God in all three Persons of the Trinity

Intro: Is God a He or an it?

Eternal Existence: Omnipotence: Omniscience: Omnipresence: - (Who would you expect to be more omnipresent?) Holiness: All three are holy. Truth: Benevolence: In all these attributes of God, each Person is portrayed as having the attribute, not in partnership, but independently. There is no suggestion that one person has one of them more than the other Persons of the Trinity.

Each is portrayed as though the others did not exist, so far as these attributes are concerned.

One Scholar wrote: "The fact that each person possesses all the divine characteristics, and so completely that it would seem that no other need possess them, speaks of the distinction between the persons as such. On the other hand, the fact that they all manifest these characteristics in identically the same ways and to the same measure, speaks of the unity from which their mode of existence springs."

Each person is so complete that the others are not needed. Each is separate and distinct. Yet the fact that they share identical characteristics is the very fact that proves their unity. God is a unity of three persons that are so aligned, so unified, that each can function alone with the same result as the unity of the three.

We cannot quite cope with this concept, because we cannot imagine three persons so common, so unified, so aligned as to function as one.