Trinity, Part 3: Answering False Doctrines

Is God plural or multiple?

The cult that is probably the most outspoken against the doctrine of the Trinity is the group known as Jehovah's Witnesses. With a basic premise that says "anything a human can't understand with human reason, doesn't exist", Jehovah's Witnesses claim that the doctrine of the Trinity is the same as believing in three gods, i.e., polytheism.

They put their own spin on Scriptures dealing with the Trinity:

How to answer? Let Scripture back up Scripture, and it will refute false spins put on it. Scripture teaches that God is a jealous God, not a God with three faces:

When did Jesus first arrive on earth? At Bethlehem?

First of all, the Bible teaches that Jesus was there at Creation. And Bible scholars believe that many Old Testament manifestations are appearances of the "pre-incarnate Christ":

When did the Holy Spirit first exist?

When did the Holy Spirit first come to earth?

Next week: More questions on the Trinity.