The Gospel of Luke - Part 15: Jesus' Authority
Luke 4:31-44
--Bill Hooten

(These notes are based on lesson notes prepared by Rob Mahon for Connection Class Leaders at Hoffmantown church.)

Historical note:

The Pharisees had degenerated the synagogue service into boring and petty ramblings about legalistic rules and regulations.

Then Jesus made the scene:

A. Healing a man with an unclean spirit
     (Luke 4:31-37, Mark 1:21-28).

  1. Jesus taught on the     Sabbath     in the     synagogue     .
  2. So impressive was His presentation, that the audience was     astonished     .
    ("out of their senses" in amazement and wonder).
  3. His message was presented with     authority     (not as teachers of the law).
  4. A demon recognizes Jesus (Luke 4:33-35).
    (When the truth is taught, there will be confrontation).
B. Healing of Simon's mother-in-law and others
     (Luke 4:38-44, Matthew 8:14-17, Mark 1:29-34).
  1. High fever, and they asked Jesus to help.
  2. Jesus said only six words.
  3. The healing was complete.
  4. After the Sabbath (Luke 4:40-41, Mark: "whole city").
  5. Why did Jesus forbid the demons to speak?     His time had not yet come     .
C. Preaching the Good News to other towns
     (Luke 4:42-44 - (Mark 1:35).
  1. Jesus was up before     daybreak     because He needed to     pray to the Father     .
  2. Why must He preach?     He was sent for this purpose     .
  3. What is the Kingdom of God?     the reign of God in the hearts of men    .
D. Application:

Today there is a movement to "Question Authority".

D. Conclusion:
     Jesus has been given all authority (Matthew 28:18, Philippians 2:9-11, Revelation 1:8).