Joseph Comes to Power in Egypt

The Pharaoh's cupbearer forgot about Joseph, after Joseph correctly interpreted his dream that he would get his job back. Joseph remained in prison for two more years, until God intervened.

Pharaoh's Dream: - (two dreams in one) Genesis 41:1-24

The Interpretation: The two dreams have the same interpretation. Genesis 31:25-32

God was revealing what he planned to do. He would provide seven years of bumper crops to be followed by seven years of famine. (By Larry's tongue-in-cheek (?) engineering calculation, the seven good years would have had to produce five times a normal year's crop, in order to provide a normal store for the seven years of famine.) Egypt would be called on to provide not only for its own people, but for surrounding nations as well.

The Inauguration: - Genesis 41:41-45.

The Administration: - Genesis 41:46-50