The Five Creeds of Islam

As time ran out on last week's lesson, we had begun this list. Today we resume:
  1. Allah: There is one God, without equal, who created and maintains the world. This not Jehovah God, despite claims. History: In 622 (In Mohammed's time), Allah was the highest of several hundred pagan gods. Mohammed eliminated all but Allah.
  2. Angels: Exist as servants of God, to reveal his will. Every person has two angels: One records all your sins, and the other records all your good deeds. [Parallel with Christianity: The "books" were opened at the White Throne Judgment].
  3. Prophets: Mohammed is the final and greatest prophet that trumps all the others: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus.
  4. The Quran (sometimes spelled Koran): -- the holy book of Islam; supercedes Old and New Testaments, although Islam embraces them in part, including the Law of Moses, the Psalms, and stories about Jesus. But since there are no original manuscripts of the OT and NT in existence, Islam claims that all translations have been corrupted by Jews and Christians. So in case of conflict, the Quran has the final word, having been written in heaven and passed orally by Gabriel to Mohammed, in pure Arabic, in a series of visions. Also the Halith (parallel to the Hebrew Talmud), a series of several hundred volumes, is a commentary consisting of the sayings of Mohammed on parenting, marriage, women, war, etc. The Halith carries equal weight as the Quran.
  5. Day of Judgment: - "The Terrible Day"
The Five Pillars of Islam - Requirements for every Muslim:
  1. Believe in the Five Creeds
  2. Prayer - Facing toward Mecca, five times a day. Fridays during the early afternoon there is public prayer in congregation (for men only. Only men may pray publicly.)
  3. Alms giving - in money or in kind, 1/40 (2.5%) of your income. (A better "deal" than Judaism!)
  4. Fasting -
  5. The Hajj (Pilgrimage) - It is required to make a Hajj, a pilgrimage trip to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, once in one's lifetime (to all able-bodied and financially able to go).
History of Islam - Established in 632 A.D. The Bottom Line: - Islam is a corrupt religion, based on one-upmanship of Judaism, designed with an agenda. It is a mixture of religion and politics, seeking land control and a sense of ethnic self-worth.