Who is the Enemy?  Is it Islam?

Let's look at history. Militant extremists have done some pretty dastardly things in the name of religion, including in the name of Christianity. There's a big difference between Christianity and the way it is practiced by some of its scholars and adherents.

Similarly, there's a big difference between the fundamentals of Islam and some of the extremists who call themselves Muslims but practice fringe interpretations of the Quran.

So is the Enemy Islam?

No.  The terrorists would have the world believe that our fight is against Islam.  But millions of peaceful Muslims (Islamic believers) condemn the attacks, as do the political leaders in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Jordan.  These are overwhelmingly Muslim countries, but are with us in this fight.  Why?  Because it is not a fight against Islam, but against terrorism. (It was a difficult decision for these countries.)

Facts about Islam:

Islam is basically an offshoot of Judaism.

Next week: More about the Quran and what it teaches.